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Looks great,,,,did you use a packaged seasoning for the mabodoufu? or did you season yourself? If so....is it easy?


My plan to make oyakoudon is out the window; now that I've seen this picture I'll HAVE TO make mabodofu instead!! Thanks for the inspiration...I can make oyakoudon anytime.


Wow! That hot and sour soup looks amazing. Do you have any sites you recommend for Chinese recipes like these?

Chef Melissa - CookingDiva

Just beautiful! Loved all your photos. Hugs and happy new year from Panama :)


I season it from scratch. I've never used packaged seasoning and I think I've never even tried this in a restaurant, so I have no way of knowing if mine is "correct".
It's actually really really easy. It requires fermented black beans, but other than that most people would have the ingredients on hand already. I keep meaning to post the recipe, hopefully I'll get around to it in the next few months.

Jamie, that's funny- the same thing happened to me. I'm REALLY easily influenced by the food I see online or on TV. I had originally planned to make the soup only, but I saw a cooking show featuring mabodofu and just had to make it too.

Drh, actually I searched for a recipe before I posted this, hoping to add a link. But I couldn't find anything that was like what I made. I really don't have good luck finding good Asian recipes online, and prefer to use cookbooks. This one came from The Food of China (from the Periplus World Food series). I will post the recipe the next time I make this.

Thank you Chef Melissa!


I'd also like the recipe for the soup. Any chance of just throwing in the comments here? Mabodoufu is such a staple dish in my house that I'm sick of it, but it never occurred to me how unusual the soup is here until you mentioned it.


Matt, I don't think I'll have time to add the recipe here, but I promise I'll cook it again within a few months and post the recipe then.

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